Cape Town to ease water restrictions further

My first Blog in a long time – the water restrictions have kept us on the go assisting people with harvesting rainwater and plumbing that water into the house. So much so that I believe Cape Town have increased the cities water harvesting potential simply by catching water off building roofs.

Steenbras dam, water saving, water tariffs, Cape Town water, water restrictionsNow for the bad news: despite seeing less than 10% of our average rainfall for October, the City appears to be set to ease restrictions to allow residents to use more water. While I agree that we should ease restrictions slightly, I feel that the message the city sends out by dropping to Level 3 restrictions will encourage the general population to resume old habits and then we are back to Day Zero scenarios in no time.

Have a read through this extract from News24 correspondent, Melanie Gosling


City of Cape Town poised to ease water restrictions further

2018-10-30 06:14

The City of Cape Town believes dam levels are high enough for water restrictions to be relaxed even further – possibly to level 4 or even level 3.

But the City cannot take steps to ease restrictions until the national Department of Water and Sanitation decides how much bulk water supply Cape Town will be allocated for the next hydrological year.

In the Western Cape’s winter rainfall region the hydrological year begins on November 1.

City of Cape Town Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said on Monday he believed the dam levels were sufficiently high now to reduce water restrictions.

The City had already eased restrictions from the strict level 6 to level 5 on October 1.

“We are ready to move on this, but obviously it has to be properly coordinated with national government, so I can’t say what level the restrictions will be until we know what national government decides. It could be level 4 or possibly level 3, but I can’t say at this stage.”