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More water restrictions for Cape Town?

Yesterday the City of Cape Town released a statement that demonstrates the seriousness of the water situation facing Cape Town this coming summer. Although we have experienced heavy late-winter rains, the dam levels are still below where they were this time last year, and we did see an increase in water tariffs in Jan-2016 as […]

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Over-exploitation of water resources in South Africa

Extract from the Parched Prospects II report, written by Steve Hedden and is the African Futures Paper 16, dated March 2016: “Summary: It is likely that South Africa is over-exploiting its water resources at the national level, as water withdrawals currently exceed reliable supply. Using the International Futures forecasting system, this paper forecasts that withdrawals […]

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Water tanks for Helderberg area

With the Water Rhapsody franchise positioned here in Somerset West, the supply of Water Tanks to the Helderberg area (Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and even Stellenbosch) is so much quicker. Place a request for a quote on this website and the franchise owner will contact you with the price, which will include delivery and […]

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Grey water promotes plant growth, studies show

Several studies conducted by university students have shown that grey water encourages vigorous plant growth, and despite grey water use for periods of up to 20 years, no negative impact on the soil has been detected. The thesis is entitled “DIRECT ON-SITE GREY WATER REUSE – AN ILLICIT OR ILLUSTRIOUS OPTION?” and is written by […]

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Rain tank companies struggling to cope with demand

Rain Tank companies like Jo-Jo and Nel Tanks are struggling to cope with the increase in demand as South Africans endeavor to harvest rain water from their roofs. Since the introduction of water restrictions, the on-the-ground stock of rain tanks has been exhausted and there is now a two week waiting list should you decide […]

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How I use the water from my rainwater tank TWICE

For those of you who followed my previous post “Why I will not use my rainwater for irrigation”, this is the solution. I explained that we should use the filtered rainwater in the house as primary water replacing municipal water. Now we go one step further by harvesting the used water from the shower, bath, […]

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Drought in California: Who are the U.S. looking to for solutions?

This is not the first time South Africans are experiencing water shortages, and it certainly won’t be the last. We will continue to apply the best practices passed down from our Somerset West municipality, the Cape Town municipality and the Department of Water and Sanitation. But there are other parts of the world who also experience […]

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How can you re-use the gallons of water you backwash with your pool pump?

Have you ever stood and watched gallons of water running into the storm drain or gutter and wondered whether you could re-use that water? Putting it onto your lawn could well kill it over the long term – the same in your garden plant beds. Cape Water Matters has the solution for you – drop the […]

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