“Never sold, never bought, never sponsored, only donated by South Africans for South Africans”

How amazing are South Africans? Stuck in the worst drought since the 1980’s, everyday South Africans are volunteering to take water to drought stricken areas. Not using cooperate sponsorships; just volunteering out of the goodness of their hearts. Makes me proud to be South African!

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Posted by Genevieve Quintal for TimesLive on 23 January, 2016.

On Friday night, Water Shortage South Africa, a spontaneous initiative that sprung up on Facebook, put out an urgent plea for help after announcing that the town had no water.

“The situation in Vryheid is that they have a dam which pumps water up to the reservoirs, which in turn pump down water to residences, hospitals, businesses, etcetera,” Water Shortage South Africa spokesperson Ray de Vries told News24. “Now that’s dry. It dries out all the time. They put water in and it gets used and in no time it’s a mud puddle.”

De Vries said there had been an overwhelming response within minutes of putting out the alert on the Water Shortage South Africa Facebook page. People from all over South Africa were asking how they could help. Some on the Facebook page offered to take water to Vryheid on Saturday.

The motto for Water Shortage South Africa is “Never sold, never bought, never sponsored, only donated by South Africans for South Africans”.

In the 26 days since the formation of the group it has grown to more than 21 000 members. Earlier this week De Vries told News24 that in just 20 days the group had delivered two million litres of water to towns around the country.