Rain Water filtration to better-than Municipal water quality

Rainwater Tank, Water Tank, OK, so you have a rainwater tank. It has a nice storeĀ of water in it, but you want to do more with it than just empty it onto the garden. What about filtering it for use in the house? Here’s how:

Remove all solid particles down to 5 microns from the water by passing it through cartridge filters . Then balance the pH to the ideal level for human consumption of between 8.5 and 9.5. Its possible that the water contains heavy metals, a slight chlorine taste or smell, and can leave deposits on your plates and glasses when dish washing – using a Granulated Active Carbon filter will result in the absorption of these concerns. Lastly, any micro-organisms or bacteria still present in the water will need to be destroyed through exposure to UV rays.

This filtration process will leave you with pure, odourless, colourless, pH balanced water, perfect for drinking. Now you can put that water in the rain tank to good use!