Rains in the Helderberg area filling water tanks

The rains from last night and this morning have brought welcome relief to those water-savers who have installed water tanks on their properties over the last few months. As an installer of rain water harvesting systems, it is always gratifying to see rain tanks filled so early in the winter – justifying the investment by the home owner and reducing the strain on our struggling water supply. The implication for those who are pumping filtered rainwater into their homes, is that they will start this early in winter with a zero municipal water bill AND the associated zero municipal sewerage bill.

Having completed multiple installations in Somerset West, as well as Gordons Bay and Simon’s Town (soon Stellenbosch and Kraaifontein to be added to that list)rain, rainwater harvesting, rainwater I can report well satisfied home owners, enjoying this rain on a much higher level than those of us just grateful the dams will be filling up.

There were many reports I have read about late rains this winter, but I am happy they have proved to be incorrect. As I said in an earlier post, echoing Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille, “You can only save water when you have water.” For the homeowner, it is difficult to influence the Department of Water and Sanitation in their efforts to ration the remaining water in the dams. They are also focused on repair to the infrastructure that is creaking with age, but if you have burst pipes in your area, you could be without water for a period of up to 24 hours.

As homeowners we are not without options: A rain tank with water harvested off your roof, filtered and pumped under pressure into the house will give you independence from the municipality.

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