Water Rhapsody growing in the Helderberg area

Whether it is water tanks or grey water harvesting, pool side tanks or water conserving flush mechanisms, rain water harvesting too, Water Rhapsody is installing it all. Now with a franchisee based in Somerset West, access to these award-winning devices is even easier for those living in the Helderberg area. If you are living in Strand, Gordons Bay, Stellenbosch and of course Somerset West, a FREE quote is simple to arrange – complete our online quote request form, email a request through to charl@capewatermatters.co.za, or simply phone 082 633-4567.

Most popular as far as the installations go is the Garden Rhapsody grey water recycling system, putting grey water onto your garden. This is largely because of the instant benefit this system gives you. Every¬†household¬†produces grey water every day, so you’ll see your dry garden green-up using this system.

With the winter rains just around the corner, rain water harvesting is another popular installation. From a simple rain water tank capturing from one downpipe to a Grand Opus, collecting from the whole roof, filtering the water and using it in the house. We use either of Nel tanks or JoJo tanks depending on the availability.

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4 comments on “Water Rhapsody growing in the Helderberg area”

  1. Celia Degenaar

    I would like a representative to visit my property. I would like to install a pump to pump water from my two adjacent shower outlets to my garden.Please could you contact me for an appointment.

    Thank you
    Celia Degenaar

  2. charlmarais

    Hi Celia,

    I have just seen your comment, thank you for checking out my website and i look forward to installing for you this week.


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