Water shortages – and now unpaid municipal debt in NW Province

Too many reports are being written about the crumbling water infrastructure in South Africa – instead of replacing, rebuilding or restructuring the ANC government is citing “old pipes” as the cause and doesn’t appear to have a plan. Already a water-scarce country, mismanagement is aggravating the crisis and wasting what little water we do have through a failure to manage responsibly. 

When will it become commonplace for municipalities to ferry water to water supply, water shortagecommunities? Will the accounts be paid to the contractors satisfaction? As pro-active South Africans we need to act to secure water for our households and families through harvesting and filtering rainwater and minimizing our reliance on the municipality for water. Otherwise we are at the mercy of fat-cat officials more concerning with lining their own pockets than ensuring a basic essential like water reaches all South Africans.

Ana Monteiro reported this for Bloomberg on 15-Dec-2015.

Water companies servicing 30 villages in South Africa’s North West province suspended deliveries because of non-payment, Johannesburg-based Business Day reported.

Maqs Construction & Plant Hire and Gaoranolwe Investment pulled out of their three-year contracts to ferry water two weeks ago after the Modiri Molema district municipality failed to pay them since February, the newspaper reported, citing one of the service providers that declined to be identified. The district agreed to issue a commitment letter for the more than 100 million rand ($6.6 million) owed, Business Day said.