Water tanks for Helderberg area

With the Water Rhapsody franchise positioned here in Somerset West, the supply of Water Tanks to the Helderberg area (Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and even Stellenbosch) is so much quicker. Place a request for a quote on this website and the franchise owner will contact you with the price, which will include delivery and positioning at your house. Its as easy as that, and you can be harvesting rain water off your pool tank, water recycling, capewatermattersroof by the next time it rains. Use the water for irrigation, filling your pool or speak to the franchise owner about piping the rainwater into the house through filters to be used instead of municipal water. In the current drought situation in the country and of water restrictions in the Mother City, capturing water off your roof this winter may be all it takes to reduce the demand on water during the next summer and allow us to avoid higher restrictions, or even water “outages”.