36% of municipal water lost through leaks

This is an incredible statistic – let me reword it: 36 % of the water that leaves the municipal pumping stations gets lost along the way BEFORE it reaches residential, commercial and industrial meters. There is the major “water saving tips”¬†campaign that the Department of Water and Sanitation water leaks, water, drought, water shortage, water wastehave been driving since November last year, where they advise people to fix their leaking and dripping taps, and although I support their efforts 100%, I still can’t shake the thought that the water that leaks on my property is metered and I pay for it – the water the title statistic talks to, is before it even reaches my meter.

What is the Department of Water and Sanitation doing about the ailing, aging, straining infrastructure, that is losing us 36% of our water, I would like to know….