Alternate Water Sources discussion on Cape Talk – how can the City be so WRONG?

I heard Ernest Sonnenberg talk to Kieno Kammies this morning on Cape Talk about how viable it is to collect rainwater in tanks for irrigation purposes. There is an obvious flaw to his logic: How does an empty rain water tank help Capetonians during the hottest and driest summer in 14 years? The rain falls in winter, and any stored water you may collect will beGrey Water, Rain Tanks, Saving Water gone in the first month of summer. The answer Mr Sonnenberg failed to produce is grey water – collect the water from your bathrooms and laundry using the Garden Rhapsody system supplied and installed by Water Rhapsody. Watch your garden go green on your second hand water and reduce your municipal account by up to one third. The question Capetonians should be asking is: when will the city council subsidize the installation of grey water systems?