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Wow, what a lot of rain! Is it enough?

We have received so much rain these passed couple of weeks I have been tempted into thinking the municipality may well consider removing the Level 2 Water Restrictions. Having a closer look at the numbers though, and I doubt we have any reason to start being optimistic. Lets look at the dam levels:     […]

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Keep the water you irrigate in your soil

There are many ways of improving water retention in your soil, from mulching to growing or artificially constructing shade. I feel that a combination of all the diverse methods will give you the best likelihood of keeping water in your soil, but the biggest accepted contributor is increasing the organic content in your soil. I recently […]

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Rains in the Helderberg area filling water tanks

The rains from last night and this morning have brought welcome relief to those water-savers who have installed water tanks on their properties over the last few months. As an installer of rain water harvesting systems, it is always gratifying to see rain tanks filled so early in the winter – justifying the investment by the […]

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Water tanks for Helderberg area

With the Water Rhapsody franchise positioned here in Somerset West, the supply of Water Tanks to the Helderberg area (Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and even Stellenbosch) is so much quicker. Place a request for a quote on this website and the franchise owner will contact you with the price, which will include delivery and […]

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Water Rhapsody growing in the Helderberg area

Whether it is water tanks or grey water harvesting, pool side tanks or water conserving flush mechanisms, rain water harvesting too, Water Rhapsody is installing it all. Now with a franchisee based in Somerset West, access to these award-winning devices is even easier for those living in the Helderberg area. If you are living in […]

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El Nino passed its peak and in decline?

We may be reaching the end of the El Nino weather event that has created the worst drought in Cape Town and South Africa since 2003/2004, so say some scientists. Even better news is that these scientists predict a “La Nina” event which should bring wetter conditions, which would be very welcomed by farmers all […]

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Install a Rain Tank before the winter rains

Our first priority when there are water restrictions is to use as little water as possible and to conserve as much as possible. The two biggest ways to conserve water is to recycle your grey water (up to 30% water savings) and to flush less down the toilets (another 15-20% saving). After you are conserving […]

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Rain tank companies struggling to cope with demand

Rain Tank companies like Jo-Jo and Nel Tanks are struggling to cope with the increase in demand as South Africans endeavor to harvest rain water from their roofs. Since the introduction of water restrictions, the on-the-ground stock of rain tanks has been exhausted and there is now a two week waiting list should you decide […]

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Alternate Water Sources discussion on Cape Talk – how can the City be so WRONG?

I heard Ernest Sonnenberg talk to Kieno Kammies this morning on Cape Talk about how viable it is to collect rainwater in tanks for irrigation purposes. There is an obvious flaw to his logic: How does an empty rain water tank help Capetonians during the hottest and driest summer in 14 years? The rain falls in […]

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