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Keep the water you irrigate in your soil

There are many ways of improving water retention in your soil, from mulching to growing or artificially constructing shade. I feel that a combination of all the diverse methods will give you the best likelihood of keeping water in your soil, but the biggest accepted contributor is increasing the organic content in your soil. I recently […]

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Grey water promotes plant growth, studies show

Several studies conducted by university students have shown that grey water encourages vigorous plant growth, and despite grey water use for periods of up to 20 years, no negative impact on the soil has been detected. The thesis is entitled “DIRECT ON-SITE GREY WATER REUSE – AN ILLICIT OR ILLUSTRIOUS OPTION?” and is written by […]

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Planting trees lowers insurance risk – Santam

Jeff Barbee, for The Guardian, 23-Dec-2015   Farmer Pieter Kruger stands smiling on a large weir built on a river in the Baviaanskloof area that provides water to South Africa’s fifth largest city. Tall and lean, he looks out over a gathering pool, delighted at the first time it has filled up enough to have […]

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