How I use the water from my rainwater tank TWICE

For those of you who followed my previous post “Why I will not use my rainwater for irrigation”, this is the solution. I explained that we should use the filtered rainwater in the house as primary water replacing municipal water. Now we go one step further by rain, rainwater harvesting, rainwaterharvesting the used water from the shower, bath, hand basins and laundry and using this water as the source of irrigation water.┬áThis is grey water, and has been used by many around the world on the garden with great success.

Grey water constitutes a third of the average homes water use – coincidentally, irrigation also uses a third with toilet flushing completing the pie chart. So by replacing municipal water on the garden with grey water, we effectively cut our water use by 33%.

Water from the roof, used once in the bathrooms and laundry, and used a second time in the garden. The perfect water flow!

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