Saving water the easy way

There are lots of tips in the media about how to save water by reducing your consumption: take shorter showers, wash dishes only in the sink and only once a day, water your garden only three times a week, etc, etc.

How about changing the way you think about water saving? Garden irrigation using municipal water that is potable or safe for drinking can be considered a waste of a valuable resource. But what about the water that you have used to perform a function in the house, that is on its way down the drain to join the sewer line? Using that water on the garden wouldn’t be a waste since you have already used it once.

Of course I am talking about Grey Water, or water from your shower, bath, handbasin and washing machine. If you consider this water your irrigation water, instead of a similar volume of fresh potable municipal water, you will immediately save 30% of the water you would normally use. Now that’s thinking about water saving in a different way – it also means you can take that longer shower knowing that the water is feeding your garden, not wasting down the drain!

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