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Six tons of fish floating dead in Zeekoevlei

This report from Chevon Booysen for News24: Dead fish could be seen in Zeekoevlei on Friday. The City of Cape Town confirmed six tons of fish was collected on Friday and explained the reason for the deaths were due to fish kills which happens in change of season. Fifteen tons of dead fish was removed from a […]

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El Nino passed its peak and in decline?

We may be reaching the end of the El Nino weather event that has created the worst drought in Cape Town and South Africa since 2003/2004, so say some scientists. Even better news is that these scientists predict a “La Nina” event which should bring wetter conditions, which would be very welcomed by farmers all […]

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Planting trees lowers insurance risk – Santam

Jeff Barbee, for The Guardian, 23-Dec-2015   Farmer Pieter Kruger stands smiling on a large weir built on a river in the Baviaanskloof area that provides water to South Africa’s fifth largest city. Tall and lean, he looks out over a gathering pool, delighted at the first time it has filled up enough to have […]

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Museum of Tomorrow 4

The Museum of Tomorrow: a monument to a sustainable future

Jonathan Watts for The Guardian, Thursday 17-Dec-2015 Jutting diagonally into the sky from the old port of Rio de Janeiro is an other-worldly edifice that looks like a cross between a solar-powered dinosaur and a giant air conditioning unit. The Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), which opens Thursday, must already rank as one of […]

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African Development promises US$12 Billion at COP21 – will African women see the benefit?

Global Climate Change conference COP21 highlighted the issues faced by African women in their fight to keep their families fed and their agricultural produce from spoiling. a staggering US$12 Billion has been promised by the President of African Development, but will this money reach any of the embattled women at the grassroots? A long video, […]

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