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Cape Town to ease water restrictions further

My first Blog in a long time – the water restrictions have kept us on the go assisting people with harvesting rainwater and plumbing that water into the house. So much so that I believe Cape Town have increased the cities water harvesting potential simply by catching water off building roofs. Now for the bad […]

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Wow, what a lot of rain! Is it enough?

We have received so much rain these passed couple of weeks I have been tempted into thinking the municipality may well consider removing the Level 2 Water Restrictions. Having a closer look at the numbers though, and I doubt we have any reason to start being optimistic. Lets look at the dam levels:     […]

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Rains in the Helderberg area filling water tanks

The rains from last night and this morning have brought welcome relief to those water-savers who have installed water tanks on their properties over the last few months. As an installer of rain water harvesting systems, it is always gratifying to see rain tanks filled so early in the winter – justifying the investment by the […]

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Rain tank companies struggling to cope with demand

Rain Tank companies like Jo-Jo and Nel Tanks are struggling to cope with the increase in demand as South Africans endeavor to harvest rain water from their roofs. Since the introduction of water restrictions, the on-the-ground stock of rain tanks has been exhausted and there is now a two week waiting list should you decide […]

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How I use the water from my rainwater tank TWICE

For those of you who followed my previous post “Why I will not use my rainwater for irrigation”, this is the solution. I explained that we should use the filtered rainwater in the house as primary water replacing municipal water. Now we go one step further by harvesting the used water from the shower, bath, […]

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Planting trees lowers insurance risk – Santam

Jeff Barbee, for The Guardian, 23-Dec-2015   Farmer Pieter Kruger stands smiling on a large weir built on a river in the Baviaanskloof area that provides water to South Africa’s fifth largest city. Tall and lean, he looks out over a gathering pool, delighted at the first time it has filled up enough to have […]

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Water shortages – and now unpaid municipal debt in NW Province

Too many reports are being written about the crumbling water infrastructure in South Africa – instead of replacing, rebuilding or restructuring the ANC government is citing “old pipes” as the cause and doesn’t appear to have a plan. Already a water-scarce country, mismanagement is aggravating the crisis and wasting what little water we do have through […]

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African Development promises US$12 Billion at COP21 – will African women see the benefit?

Global Climate Change conference COP21 highlighted the issues faced by African women in their fight to keep their families fed and their agricultural produce from spoiling. a staggering US$12 Billion has been promised by the President of African Development, but will this money reach any of the embattled women at the grassroots? A long video, […]

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