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“The future is dry for Cape Town and South Africa” says expert

Posted by Aletta Harrison for EWN on 9-May CAPE TOWN – A water management researcher has warned that all South Africans need to make a mental shift with regards to how they use the precious resource. The Water and Sanitation Department says despite recent rain in some regions, dam levels continue to dwindle. University of Cape […]

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Water Restrictions here to stay until 2017

This report from Lindsay Dentlinger for IOL Cape Town – The City Council has said that water restrictions in the city could remain in place well into next year as other municipalities in the Western Cape moved to join it and Stellenbosch in limiting supplies. The Drakenstein municipality announced it was restricting its water supply […]

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Firefighting on Cape Town mountains – with the drought, where does the water come from?

I have been asked the question where water comes from that the helicopters use to fight the mountain fires that have been raging through the Helderberg, Peninsula and Cape Town mountainsides  the past couple of weeks. It is fairly common knowledge that sea water introduces salt to the soil and often does more damage to the soil […]

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Planting trees lowers insurance risk – Santam

Jeff Barbee, for The Guardian, 23-Dec-2015   Farmer Pieter Kruger stands smiling on a large weir built on a river in the Baviaanskloof area that provides water to South Africa’s fifth largest city. Tall and lean, he looks out over a gathering pool, delighted at the first time it has filled up enough to have […]

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How will plastic balls help prevent water evaporation in our dams?

It is massively expensive to cover dams and reservoirs with sheeting/roofs in order to prevent water loss through evaporation. So when the wind blows as hot as it has in Cape Town the past few days, millions of liters of water is lost through evaporation. Is there something we can do about it, or is […]

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