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Cape Town to ease water restrictions further

My first Blog in a long time – the water restrictions have kept us on the go assisting people with harvesting rainwater and plumbing that water into the house. So much so that I believe Cape Town have increased the cities water harvesting potential simply by catching water off building roofs. Now for the bad […]

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More water restrictions for Cape Town?

Yesterday the City of Cape Town released a statement that demonstrates the seriousness of the water situation facing Cape Town this coming summer. Although we have experienced heavy late-winter rains, the dam levels are still below where they were this time last year, and we did see an increase in water tariffs in Jan-2016 as […]

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Keep the water you irrigate in your soil

There are many ways of improving water retention in your soil, from mulching to growing or artificially constructing shade. I feel that a combination of all the diverse methods will give you the best likelihood of keeping water in your soil, but the biggest accepted contributor is increasing the organic content in your soil. I recently […]

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DryBath gel replaces water for bathing – South African invention

There was a call for innovators to assist in combating the low rainfall and drought conditions South Africa is experiencing – this young man has responded – taken from the Cape Talk website and dated 18-Sep-2014.   “You either want it or you don’t,” says 24-year-old Marishane when coaxed into advising those wishing to try […]

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Saving water that is unnecessarily flushed from your cistern

Major metro’s, most recently Kimberly, have launched a campaign advising residents to Drop-the-Block – this entails placing a brick in the toilet cistern, something that I remember our family doing back in the mid-1980’s in Kwazulu-Natal when we were suffering under those drought conditions. With people averaging 5 flushes per day and most households seeing 31% […]

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Over-exploitation of water resources in South Africa

Extract from the Parched Prospects II report, written by Steve Hedden and is the African Futures Paper 16, dated March 2016: “Summary: It is likely that South Africa is over-exploiting its water resources at the national level, as water withdrawals currently exceed reliable supply. Using the International Futures forecasting system, this paper forecasts that withdrawals […]

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“You can only save water when you have it”

This report from Tammy Petersen for News24 Cape Town – Seeing a 4-year-old child grab a bottle of water and take a sip after not having fresh drinking water for days or even weeks proves that Operation Hydrate is a lifesaver, volunteer and activist Yusuf Abramjee said on Tuesday. This was at the launch of Operation […]

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Water Restrictions here to stay until 2017

This report from Lindsay Dentlinger for IOL Cape Town – The City Council has said that water restrictions in the city could remain in place well into next year as other municipalities in the Western Cape moved to join it and Stellenbosch in limiting supplies. The Drakenstein municipality announced it was restricting its water supply […]

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Install a Rain Tank before the winter rains

Our first priority when there are water restrictions is to use as little water as possible and to conserve as much as possible. The two biggest ways to conserve water is to recycle your grey water (up to 30% water savings) and to flush less down the toilets (another 15-20% saving). After you are conserving […]

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How I use the water from my rainwater tank TWICE

For those of you who followed my previous post “Why I will not use my rainwater for irrigation”, this is the solution. I explained that we should use the filtered rainwater in the house as primary water replacing municipal water. Now we go one step further by harvesting the used water from the shower, bath, […]

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