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“The future is dry for Cape Town and South Africa” says expert

Posted by Aletta Harrison for EWN on 9-May CAPE TOWN – A water management researcher has warned that all South Africans need to make a mental shift with regards to how they use the precious resource. The Water and Sanitation Department says despite recent rain in some regions, dam levels continue to dwindle. University of Cape […]

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DryBath gel replaces water for bathing – South African invention

There was a call for innovators to assist in combating the low rainfall and drought conditions South Africa is experiencing – this young man has responded – taken from the Cape Talk website and dated 18-Sep-2014.   “You either want it or you don’t,” says 24-year-old Marishane when coaxed into advising those wishing to try […]

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Water-from-air innovation driving alternative water source

This article dated 25-April-2016 was drawn from the phys org website: Researchers in Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering are tackling the world’s water crisis by pulling water out of the air. Professor Majid Bahrami, the recipient of a 2016 Canada Clean50 Award, has spent the past three years working with his PhD […]

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Rains in the Helderberg area filling water tanks

The rains from last night and this morning have brought welcome relief to those water-savers who have installed water tanks on their properties over the last few months. As an installer of rain water harvesting systems, it is always gratifying to see rain tanks filled so early in the winter – justifying the investment by the […]

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36% of municipal water lost through leaks

This is an incredible statistic – let me reword it: 36 % of the water that leaves the municipal pumping stations gets lost along the way BEFORE it reaches residential, commercial and industrial meters. There is the major “water saving tips” campaign that the Department of Water and Sanitation have been driving since November last year, […]

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Over-exploitation of water resources in South Africa

Extract from the Parched Prospects II report, written by Steve Hedden and is the African Futures Paper 16, dated March 2016: “Summary: It is likely that South Africa is over-exploiting its water resources at the national level, as water withdrawals currently exceed reliable supply. Using the International Futures forecasting system, this paper forecasts that withdrawals […]

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Alternate Water Sources discussion on Cape Talk – how can the City be so WRONG?

I heard Ernest Sonnenberg talk to Kieno Kammies this morning on Cape Talk about how viable it is to collect rainwater in tanks for irrigation purposes. There is an obvious flaw to his logic: How does an empty rain water tank help Capetonians during the hottest and driest summer in 14 years? The rain falls in […]

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Firefighting on Cape Town mountains – with the drought, where does the water come from?

I have been asked the question where water comes from that the helicopters use to fight the mountain fires that have been raging through the Helderberg, Peninsula and Cape Town mountainsides  the past couple of weeks. It is fairly common knowledge that sea water introduces salt to the soil and often does more damage to the soil […]

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Holidaymakers begged to bring water to drought-stricken towns

It has arrived – that moment where municipalities have failed to provide water to constituents for a period sufficient for them to look at alternatives, and the only alternative for some communities is relying on the kindness and awareness of complete strangers. Begging holidaymakers to provide water is not what most people expected their festive […]

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Planting trees lowers insurance risk – Santam

Jeff Barbee, for The Guardian, 23-Dec-2015   Farmer Pieter Kruger stands smiling on a large weir built on a river in the Baviaanskloof area that provides water to South Africa’s fifth largest city. Tall and lean, he looks out over a gathering pool, delighted at the first time it has filled up enough to have […]

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